Member Experience and Wellbeing

We’re committed to delivering market-leading health and wellness solutions to those we cover, with a focus on prevention and empowerment to enjoy a healthy life.

Our range of wellness programs are aimed at supporting members in times of ill health and wellness.

Our Programs

LiveWell logo

LiveWell is Zurich’s own mobile app that offers members a range of health and wellness tools and features to engage, challenge and educate them in the pursuit of long-term health improvement outcomes.

The app also delivers valuable data insights into employee population health risks to guide the effective development of targeted wellness interventions.

Our powerful LiveWell platform assists organisations with preventative wellness, lifestyle risk improvement and chronic illness management. Applying diverse engagement experiences and behavioural economics to the field of employee wellbeing, this elegant but user-friendly solution takes members on a personalised and ongoing wellness journey, supported by insightful content and key health diagnostics. You can find out more about LiveWell here.

My Wellbeing Hub – Zurich’s new My Wellbeing Hub is home to a collection of health and wellbeing resources to support your staff and members on their journey towards overall wellness. These include engaging articles, fact sheets and guides that may help improve mental and physical health, information on community support groups and how to get involved, and access to national support services.

Mindstar logo

MindStar mental health coaching

Zurich offers an exciting new wellbeing coaching program delivered by Mindstar, a leading Australian wellbeing and mental health company.

The program’s aim is to improve the resilience and social and emotional functioning of members on claim, and to encourage and support them on their return to work journey. Mindstar coaches provide a range of helpful, simple tips and tools to help members become happier and healthier, with coaching provided either via phone or online video sessions.

Remedy Healthcare logo

Lifestyle health coaching

We offer health coaching for members who have been offered non-standard terms following their insurance application (such as a premium loading) due to obesity, adverse blood pressure or cholesterol. This service aims to encourage members to improve their health.

Superfriend logo

SuperFriend – Zurich is a Supporting Partner Group Insurer of SuperFriend – a mental health foundation that advocates for and empowers profit-to-member superfunds and insurers to create mentally healthy workplaces for staff and members and reduce the impacts of mental illness.

Supercharge Your Life logo

Supercharged Food – Zurich has partnered with Lee Holmes to provide education and tools for members to supercharge their health. Lee founded Supercharged Food to help others feel amazing and improve their health through diet and healthy lifestyle tips.

MedHealth logo

MedHealth is a second-opinion service providing valuable information to people facing a diagnosis that could impact their quality of life.

Cancer Support Program

Cancer Care – Zurich is pleased to offer your members our Cancer support program - Cancer Care. Members receive a referral to an oncology nurse who will customise an individual care plan over a 12 -16 week period. This program provides members suffering from cancer with support to assist them with increasing their physical function via exercise, providing nutritional and dietary support and helping improve their mood and lifestyle through the provision of psychological support.