Internationally Mobile Employees

Take Care of people wherever they are working

Here at Zurich, we understand the problems employers face in providing consistent benefits for a globally diverse workforce. Wherever in the world they are working, highly skilled employees expect to enjoy a consistent package of benefits.

Zurich Group Insurance can now cover employees of Australian Multinational Organisations who are on short term assignments globally. We want to provide cover for these employees so that they have one less thing to worry about.


  • Consistency and ease of administration in coordinating domestic and international employees under one policy.
  • It provides continuous cover as employees move from country to country providing, they remain actively at work
  • Ability to tailor groups of employees within one policy,
  • Wide range of benefit combinations that can meet global needs and regional variations,
  • Coverage available in hard to cover countries or where there may not be suitable local provisions that would allow an Australian styled benefit design

An employee of an Australian Headquartered organisation, sent to another country temporarily, continues to be subject to authority of the Australian employer, may have an additional local contract of employment in place for tax or visa purposes etc, will be sent to another country at the end of an assignment or return to the home country.

Yes, all benefit types which include, group life, spouse income, child income, accidental death group, accidental dismemberment, temporary total disability, income protection, waiver of pension contribution, permanent partial and total disability, and permanent total disability policies.

An existing client can apply to have the policy extended to Cover international employees.

No, premiums will remain unchanged for the existing members however the Internationally Mobile Employees will be priced separately.

Yes, cover will continue however where an employee moves to a country on the DFAT list you must notify Zurich to ensure cover can be continued to be offered.

No, the claims process would be no different to insured members that resided in Australia. However, an insured member may be required to return to Australia as part of the disability claims assessment process.