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Together, we can erase the complexity of life insurance and put Australians back in control of their health and wealth.

Explore our one-stop-shop of life insurance content for both your organisation, and your members & employees.

"Ready-To-Share" Content Hub

Educational insurance content for your members and employees that is white-labelled and ready to share on your social media channels, newsletters and website.

Insurance Education Hub

We've brought  together Zurich and OnePath’s highly acclaimed educational content so you can provide the very best in member and employee insurance support.

My Wellbeing Hub

A collection of health and wellbeing resources to support you and your customers on the journey towards overall wellness.

Group Claims Hub

Behind every claim is a real person. Here you will find videos of claimant’s experiences and an interactive look at what type of claims we paid and to whom.

Our Community Partners

Learn about how we support making Australia a better place through our significant contribution to local causes.

COVID19 Support Hub

Supporting you through COVID and beyond with helpful tools and content so you can continue to provide financial security for your members and employees when it's needed most.